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  Definition of Air Freight - Transportation of goods by air.

Nobody does it better. From 10 lbs to 100,000 lbs envelopes to full charters.
Translog Lines Air Freight Department Team strives to be more than a freight forwarder. Translog Lines Air freight Team offers worldwide air freight services for general, export and import shipments. This  includes expedited door-to-door service which including customs brokerage service  arrangements. Also, a more economical air freight service is available for your less time sensitive consignments.
  Translog Lines Air freight Team’s aim is to provide you the Customer with:
Superior Customer Service and satisfaction .
A Highly Personalized Service
Tailor-made solutions for any of your logistic requirements

Air freight for General:

Whilst air freight is usually considered expensive, it should be noted that on some smaller volumetric consignments it can be more economical than sea and road freight, because of the conversion used by the airlines for charging purposes against those used by the ferry and road operators.

Air freight for Exports:

We are very competitive within the air freight industry and are able to offer a comprehensive range of airfreight services worldwide. We can offer "consolidations"  "back to back" and even charter of aircraft if required. We are able to offer both door-to-door and the more typical arrival airport only variations to almost all parts of the globe. We are able to handle most hazardous commodities to most areas. We have an extensive network of agents in place worldwide, to ensure smooth Customs clearance and delivery locally almost anywhere.

Air freight for Imports:

We are able to effect Customs clearance and delivery anywhere in India, quickly and efficiently for almost any commodity.
We are able to offer "use of deferment" for a competitive flat rate on most Vat/Duty values. We can also offer early evening pick-ups from airlines, transit to local warehousing (bonded-and usual) for larger consignments to avoid high rents chargeable by airlines after 24 hours. This is particularly advantageous when goods arrive on a Friday and cannot be delivered until Monday or Tuesday (E.g. bank holiday) for whatever reason. We are capable of moving your time-sensitive shipments via same day or overnight service as well as offering 2-3 day standard air and 4-5 day economy services.
With its extensive experience in cargo handling, Translog Lines Air freight Team  has unrivalled partnership with selected overseas partners which provides comprehensive forwarding services. This ensures the fastest possible transit time, at most economic cost of your cargo.

Latest Technology


Operating from our own offices our airport staff are fully trained in all the latest modes and technology of airfreight consolidation, which enables us to provide our clients with regular services to worldwide destinations at very competitive rates.

Within our airfreight operations we can provide the following services:

Packing to international airline standards

Customs clearance

Delivery to final destination



  The salient features of our air freight forwarding services includes:

- Export and import air freight consolidations.
- Specialair freight rates for bulk movements.
- Association with all major Airlines.
- Attractive rates for chartered services.
- Using dozens of gateways within our established network to palletize and transport cargo daily.
- Flexible and dependable scheduling options.
- Increased security during transit.


Glossary of Air freight

  What does an Air Waybill (AWB) consist of?
  Each Air Waybill consists of a set of three originals:
Original 1 (green) - retained by the carrier (airline) - signed by the shipper
Original 2 (red) - forwarded to the consignee - signed by the shipper and the carrier
Original 3 (blue) - returned to the shipper - signed by the shipper and by the carrier on receipt of the goods for transit.
Plus at least 6 copies (unsigned) for the use of forwarders, customs agents, etc.
  Who issues the Air Waybill?
Air Waybills are sets of forms, following the IATA standard form. They are issued by the airlines (or their accredited agents), and each one has on it a serial number and the name and the three-digit identification number of the issuing airline. The contracting or main airline can issue an AWB to cover the whole route, even when, as is often the case, parts of the route are flown by other airlines.
  What is a "Neutral Air Waybill"?
Many airlines of their agents print their own Air Waybills electronically. They are allotted a set of AWB numbers, and print the serial numbers and identification number on the forms themselves. These "unmarked" AWBs can be called "neutral AWBs".
  Who is responsible for filling in the Air Waybill?
The IATA conditions state that the Air Waybill must be filled in by the shipper, or in his name. The AWB may be filled out by the airline, or by an IATA agent, but in the name of the shipper. The shipper is responsible for the fact that the information given on the AWB is correct and complete: this means he is responsible for any damage to property or injury to persons which may be the result of giving false information.
  What is the function of the Air Waybill?
An Air Waybill is a documentary proof of the contract of carriage between the shipper and the carrier.

It also serves as:
  - a receipt of goods for shipment
- a dispatch note, bearing a list of all accompanying documents, and any special instructions given  by the shipper
- a form of invoice for the carriage of the goods
- a document required for Customs clearance
- a delivery receipt
- an insurance certificate (if the insurance cover was arranged through the airline)
An Air Waybill is not a title document, it is not negotiable. An Air Waybill is a document which has the same importance in airfreight as a Bill of Lading has in sea freight, but, whereas a B/L is a title document, (i.e. it is a document which proves ownership of the goods mentioned in the B/L, and which can be bought and sold, entitling the buyer to ownership of the goods), an AWB cannot be used in this way.

The words non-negotiable are printed at the top of the Air Waybill, and must not be changed or removed.


Air Freight
FSC- Fuel surcharge, applicable only at certain times
Interline- One airline to another
ULD - Unit load device, an airline container
SCR- Specific commodity rate
GCR- General commodity rate
MAWB- Master air waybill, freight forwarder to freight forwarder air waybill
HAWB- House air waybill, shipper to consignee air waybill
IATA- Governing body for international air transportation

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